The story of Magic Blood & Winnie Wagtail

Storytelling about Menstruation and Winnie Wagtail by Kitty Maguire


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A 30 minute workshop to explore the magic of menstruation. Through age appropriate storytelling and Winnie Wagtail.

Kitty and Winnie Wagtail are available to attend schools, festivals and community events for children age 6-9, so all children can learn the superpower and purpose of the menstrual cycle.

Winnie Wagtail loves children and cuddles but she is also aware that some children are a little afraid of doggies, so in this event she doesn’t always come to the event and can stay at home and play chasing with Bertie the curious cat.

Red Alchemy at school age 10-18 is also available for those on the cusp of menarche (first bleed) or wanting to gain a greater understanding of the menstrual cycle.

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