Yin Yoga

What is Yin Yoga?


Join us for a slow-paced practice of deep opening and surrender. Yin yoga calms the mind and nervous system, gently stretches the joints and connective tissues. The practice enables you to turn inward, focussing on the breath and stillness within.

Yin yoga is about finding stillness, self care, peace and quietening the mind while releasing stress and tension in your body while calming the nervous system. Postures are held for 3 -510 minutes while sitting up or lying on your back using blankets or props to aid the asana/posture.


In other forms of yoga exercise the body by working the muscles. Building strength, fatiguing the muscles and or getting the heart rate up is the focus. Yin yoga is the opposite. With yin yoga we focus on the connective tissue/fasia. This is like a web that covers the muscles. Our stress and trauma becomes held in the bodies webbing. So not focusing on moving and challenging the web and tendons we are in a still state. Yin complements all other physical practices. No previous yoga experience is required to attend a yin yoga class.


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