Red Alchemy

The Nature of Cycles & Seasons

A 5 week programme lead by Kitty Maguire
Menstruality Mentor


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Over these five weeks you will gain a deeper and richer insight into the nature of your inner seasons, the menstrual cycle and how to integrate and embody a powerful well of wisdom.

Red Alchemy welcomes anyone who would like to learn more about the menstrual cycle and how menstrual cycle awareness can support your life, enhance your creativity and well-being. Once you’ve got a feel for this practice it is hard not to share the abundance with students, family and friends.




What is Red Alchemy?

Red Alchemy is the inner spirit, science and heart of your innate wisdom which lives within all cyclical beings.
We are part of nature. Nature has its own cycle which we all exist with consciously or unconsciously.
How we navigate the cycles surrounding us impacts us greatly. The Red Alchemy triple spiral- the womb cycle, moon cycle and seasonal cycle (celtic wheel) all mirror powerful attributes, gifts and intelligence of each spiral’s alchemy.

What will we cover at Red Alchemy?

5 live calls via Zoom

Each week we will explore an inner season of the menstrual cycle and how your patterns show up, ebbs and flows, joyful to tender moments.
These nuggets of feedback are a big part of the gold!
Identifying which days of your cycle hold vulnerabilities, rage, anxiety, bliss or pleasure, creative burst all contribute to you growing your cyclical intelligence.

  • Week 1 – Inner Winter
  • Week 2 – Inner Spring
  • Week 3 – Inner Summer
  • Week 4 – Inner Autumn
  • Week 5 – The Void


The Red Alchemy Triple Spiral and how they weave together.

Example: Season -Samhain/Winter | Moon phase – New Moon | Menstrual cycle – Menstruation.
Each of these spirals mirror each other in the shedding, deep darkness, feminine, Yin, inward focus or downward flow of energy.

These phases give us the signs to slow down, listen, restore make space for the unknown and welcome it.
Fear is a common feeling associated with these phases but the alchemy seeds in the darkness and will slowly emerge outwards to bloom.. when nature shows us the way.
So potentially we make peace with our fear or the dark, blood, silence and surrendering to the unknown.

Each week a guided journey into the inner seasons to anchor the container of menstruality.

  • Discussions with peer groups in break out rooms.
  • 5 yoga practices to support your cycle.
  • 5 ebooks about each seasons.
  • Listening Partnership (optional)
  • Live calls are recorded with 6 months playback option.

For those unable to attend live calls, a self lead option is available which includes all of the above content and live calls on playback.
Who’s is Red Alchemy the first spiral – The Nature of Seasons for?

Curious souls, trailblazers, activists, those wanting to join the Revolution Period and hold menstrual and cyclical circles or to gain a deeper understanding of the menstrual cycle.
Woman, non binary, those identifying as woman, men, parents, guardians, teachers, fitness instructors, red tent guides, those on a fertility journey, embracing the path womb healing, yoga students/teachers, doulas, therapeutic practitioners, doctors, accountants, artists

course online with live calls and self lead options.


Live call
Mailing list live calls €199.00
EarlyBird €222.00
Later bird €266.00

Self lead (no live calls)
Mailing list Self lead €166.00
EarlyBird €188.00
Laterbird €222.00

For those who wish to complete the full cycle of Red Alchemy, the content will be split into four spirals (modules) to allow for integration and time to build cycle awareness. Each spiral offers unique and transformative insights to add to your ever growing toolkit.

Dates to be confirmed

Ceremony & Rituals

  • How to be of service with your unique gift.
  • Embodying Shakti and liberating your creative power.
  • Rituals of Menarche
  • The Spirit of Circle
  • Calling your clan in
  • How to thrive and prevent burnout as a facilitator.
  • Red Alchemist Certificate

When you receive your certificate you will be added to The RedClan directory (if you wish) so those in need and curious about future Red Alchemists offerings, teachers and guides can find some of the finest facilitators in the field of Menstruality.

The Red Alchemist facilitator programme welcomes all who have completed the online MasterClasses.
There is an assignment to submit before you begin The Red Alchemists immersion.

I am delighted to be of service to The RedClan and bring this powerful body of work to all who yearn for this wisdom and are passionate about Cyclical intelligence and healing.

Exciting, expansive and liberating times ahead.

Love Kitty and Clan


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