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Yocella’s Five Chambers of Winter

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A peaceful two hour yin yoga session led by Kitty Maguire to live cello played by Anna Marcossi.

Join us for a slow-paced practice of deep opening and surrender to the hypnotic voice of the cello. *****No yoga experience is needed for Yocella.


What is Yin Yoga?

Yin yoga teaches us to be more flexible with our emotions, not just our body. Yin is a wonderful compliment to all other energetic exercise and busy lifestyles which are Yang elements. Yin yoga is the stretching side of yoga (yin) with no strength (yang) work. During Yocella we hold a pose between 3 – 8 minutes. Throughout this time the body gets the opportunity to de-stress and slow down. As we hold our yin poses the fascia/connective tissue (webbing that covers our muscles) releases the stress/stories held in our body, giving the nervous system a proper rest and a chance to let go. Yin Yoga reminds us to take the time to nurture, slow down and not be so tough on yourself.



  • Helps prepare for meditation
  • Improved circulation and energy flow
  • De-stress and improve flexibility and mobility
  • calmer, improved self awareness and self care throughout the body can be experienced from adding yin yoga to your practise.


Next class: to be announced

Yocella’s Five Chambers of Winter
Online, Vimeo

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