Yocella – Merry Blissmas for the whole body


Sunday 17th December 3-5pm
St Kevin’s Community Centre – find us

€35 (unwaged € donation)

Contact Kitty directly for tickets.


The Yocella Fairy Goddess mothers have just the ticket to bring you a magical experience of pure pleasure to nurture and soothe your whole self as you melt away from the bustle of the outside world.

During this 2 hour Yin Yoga to live cello experience. You will be taken on a peaceful inward journey and feel deep release, more self compassion, ease anxiety, stress and tension held in the body and busy minds.
This is a practise of self-care that uses yin yoga, meditation, music, silence, stillness to access the depths of our nervous system to allow our body completely rest, release and nourishment.

No experience is required.

Yocella is suitable during pregnancy and beginners very welcome.




A two hour peaceful session of  candlelit Yin Yoga while you melt away to the beautiful sound of the live cello played in different beautiful old buildings around Dublin.

Sound can soothe you, raise your consciousness, and carry you into other realms of experience.

Join us for a slow-paced practice of deep opening and surrender.


What is Yocella?

Yin yoga is a wonderful compliment to all other exercise and busy lifestyles. Yin yoga is the stretching side of yoga (yin) with no strength (yang) work. During Yocella we hold a pose between 3 – 8 minutes. Throughout this time the body gets a real opportunity to de-stress and slow down. As we hold our poses the fasia/connective tissue (webbing that covers our muscles) releases the stress/traumas held in our body, giving the nervous system the opportunity to calm and slow down. Yin Yoga reminds us to take the time to nurture, slow down and not be so tough on yourself.



  • Helps prepare for meditation,
  • improved circulation and energy flow,
  • de-stress and improve flexibility,
  • mobility,
  • calmer,
  • improved self awareness and self care throughout the body can be experienced from adding yin yoga to your practise.



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