Yocella’s Five Chambers of Winter

The dark will be your womb tonight


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Welcome to the five chambers of inner and outer Winter. Yocella on demand is here for you to visit whenever you feel the call to your inner temple time. No womb is required. All are welcome to this divine sacred practice.

This prerecorded Yocella is brought to you by Kitty Maguire and Anna Marcossi.

As menstruators and cyclical beings we have the potential to tap into great wisdom each bleed. The way of our true nature brings us to meet our inner womb shaman as we make space and silence to say no, separate, surrender, renew, embark on a vision quest that paves the way to a rich sense of clarity and direction, EVERY TIME YOU MENSTRUATE!

This inner map has been numbed in many bodies due to the linear way society has instructed us or silenced our inner red alchemy. For many the spiritual connection and gifts that can be experienced through embracing the embodiment of inner winter (menstruation) has been transformational. Through cycle awareness creativity, vitality and fertility can awaken and find new light. Many people’s pain can lessen, rage and anxiety can find new ways to be supported when the material world feels too much or overwhelming. Learning and living in harmony with your womb and the external seasonal cycle is a gift that keeps on giving. All it asks in return is to be heard.

Samhain asks you to journey inwards and inquire what needs to be shed from my life right now?
As I separate from the external noise and distractions, where in my life can I surrender to the busy, say no to adding more to the schedule, chaos and over doing?

Winter Solstice is a time of death and renewal. The depth of darkness in the Celtic cyclical calendar, a gradual descend into a dream like state. A crucial part of the cycle that holds great wisdom if the darkness and kiss for the Cailleach can be welcomed.. even in the discomfort, loneliness or fears that can present. The longest night and shortest day.
Winter solstice is mirrored in the big bleed phase of your inner winter bleeding cycle. If we learn to pause and listen for the insights Winter Solstice and the big bleed give us, we can reawaken our wild power that’s initiated as we separate and enter the spirit world to The Void, Chamber one of inner and outer samhain and inwards into all the chambers this potent temple time provides.

The five chambers of menstruation show us how to navigate life through the external cycle of Samhain. This map is a brilliant tool for pregnant people to adapt to when the moon or four seasons cycle doesn’t seem to align up. The five chambers of menstruation is an incredible resource to guide through the transition into menopause. The gift of slowly emerging is offered and gratitude to the great mystery of menstruality.

Separation, Surrender, Renewal, Vision, Clarity and Direction is a powerful map that brings us to a place of emergence. Preparing us to leave the spirit world and come back into the natural world ready for inner spring or the transition into external Imbolc. With this map you can meet the wisdom of The Cailleach, Inner Samhain and Winter Solstice each menstrual bleed and receive the heightened sense of awareness this powerful insightful time offers.

Ask yourself
What Winter Solstice seeds of souls desire can I allow to be conceived on the journey to deep sweet darkness and expand into renewal at the death of the dark cycle?

Winter Solstice is the time to dream and if a dream calls enough a vision quest will follow. The seasons and cycles that unfold in this spiral of life may unravel opportunities to bring this potent seed of intention to blossom and full fruition. Be sure and “bleed on it” and allow the space for the full five chambers of menstruation to complete the process.

It’s not unusual to get really excited by a calling, idea or dream and want to sprint out of the dreamlike state and bypass Clarity and Direction. I Inner Winter is not a time to create but dream and dream as big as you wish!!!! As your MCA practice (menstrual cycle awareness) grows you will observe your patterns that will show up each cycle. This is when the magic begins because if your habit is to sprint into early spring without allowing the conception/receptivity phase to truly feel absorbed you may peak too soon and loose motivation, focus or creative flow because you’re slumber and dream phase was prematurely brought to an end during Inner Samhain.

Chamber 5 Clarity and direction will take us right up to the door step into imbolc and inner spring (pre ovulation) where your budding ideas can be met with your rising light, rising oestrogen and maiden energy that loves to plan and prep in before full shakti creatrix blooms into life at inner summer (ovulation). Inner Autumn, the wild liberated warrior will complete the cycle, edit and cut away any unnecessary distractions and present the pre conceived vision to the world in what ever way shape or form it has taken. It’s worth remembering some dreams will take many spins, spirals or cycles to be brought to the completion phase, so cherish yourself and hold great compassion. Sometimes you are so tired or busy it’s not possible to dream a new seed and the only thing to do is nothing, embrace stillness and rest. Beautiful rest.

The kidneys, urinary bladder and water are all connected to winter. The postures shared in this Yocella practice are to support the water element, flush out fear that can build up in the body and bring a greater sense of vitality to your overall well-being.

Sometimes just surrendering to the possibility of doing nothing and deep rest is the medicine needed so if you prefer to just lie back, bolster up and receive the feminine energy of the cello and leave the yin yoga postures for another time. Listen to your inner voice for guidance.

*For injuries, pregnancy or extremely tender times please consult your Doctor or health care provider for advice if you have any concerns about your body.

Blessings and Sweet Darkness to you as you enter your inner temple.

Love Kitty


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