YoPho – Yoga and Pho

Yoga Kitchen
@ St Kevins Hall, Bloomfield Ave, Dublin 8



A soulful practise of yin yang yoga and Pho, vietnamese broth to nourish the whole body.
Suitable for all levels of experience (even if you have never done yoga, please come along).

The Yoga – Using breath, meditation and movement to ease tension and blocked energy in the body. Yin yoga teaches us to be more flexible with our emotions and be in the present moment, let go and confront the darker side of ourself. Our Yang side of the practise will be light, bright and playful. We will combine breath work with movement to break down inhabitions and free the body and simply enjoy a non striving yoga practise.

The kitchen – sitting in a big circle with lots of wild, weird and wonderful people with a big soulful bowl of Pho. A bone broth with rice noodles and heaps of delicious ingredients (bean sprouts, corriander, chillies, ginger, veggies ) added as you like to suit your taste.

☆A vegan broth will also be available☆

BYO – Vinyls I’m bringing out the record player so if you have a record or two that you would like to pop on during class or feeding time. Bring it along ♡

Yoga kitchens are about bringing us and it all together. No experience of broth or yoga is needed.

A yin yang practise to  find compassion in our practise and enjoy our bodies with a more playful side of ourself. Then we will nourish our soul with a delicious Vietnamese broth.. Pho!



Come join me for a fun filled Yoga kitchen with the fusion of ballet barre.


During a 90 minute Yoga barre session. Based on yin (stretch/calm) and yang (strength/lively) principles. We will fire and challenge the body with ballet movements at the barre followed by a yin yoga session for cooling, calming and releasing deeply into the stiff and restricted areas of the body.

Both practices  have a different focus and by fusing these two different styles together there are huge benefits on the body.

This yoga barre session does not require any yoga or ballet experience (this is not a dance class).
Come along and feed your body for an evening of strength, nurture and nourishment.

Benefits from ballet barre

  • improved posture, strength, balance, concentration, co-ordination,
  • tone legs, bum, tum and pelvic floor,
  • increase flexibility.

Benefits from yin yoga

  • de-stress, calm, slow down,
  • ease anxiety,
  • preparation for meditation and improve mobility.

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