Yoga Kitchen

 You don’t have to be good, Good Friday.
Yoga Kitchen @ Kerala kitchen 14/04 at 6.30pm. Supper 8pm Click here for Yoga kitchen tickets

Come join me for a fun filled Yoga kitchen with the fusion of ballet barre.

During a 90 minute Yoga barre session. Based on yin (stretch/calm) and yang (strength/lively) principles. We will fire and challenge the body with ballet movements at the barre followed by a yin yoga session for cooling, calming and releasing deeply into the stiff and restricted areas of the body.

Both practices  have a different focus and by fusing these two different styles together there are huge benefits on the body.
This yoga barre session does not require any yoga or ballet experience (this is not a dance class).
Come along and feed your body for an evening of strength, nurture and nourishment.

*Benefits from ballet barre – improved posture, strength, balance, concentration, co-ordination, tone legs, bum, tum and pelvic floor and increase flexibility.
*Benefits from yin yoga – de-stress, calm, slow down, ease anxiety, preparation for meditation and improve mobility.

As per usual at Kerala kitchen the food is sublime!! Take your pick from any of the following tasty plates served with poppadoms and dips.


– Bombay Aloo
Soft diced potatoes, tomato and onion, flavoured with cumin seeds and fresh coriander

Chana saag
A hearty dish of chickpeas and spinach with cumin, fennel and spice. One of our market stall favourites

A mix of four lentils, tempered with mustard seeds, curry leaves and red chilli. Hearty and healthy

Fresh vegetables in a tangy tomato sauce, with fiery green chillies

Aloo Dum
Potato and pea curry with tomato and fresh coriander. Simple but lively

Saag Paneer
Spinach curry with green chilli and cubes of mild, fresh Indian cheese

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