What is Ballates Barre

A 60 minute class to gain strength, tone the body as you improve posture, flexibility while you de-stress and calm the mind and nervous system. A perfect blend of pilates, yoga and ballet movements, this class is exactly what you need if you are looking for some motivation and a bit of a challenge to get the body fired up and energised.

This is NOT a dance class but a body, mind and soul conditioning class that’s suitable for all levels of fitness and experience. Mats are provided. This yoga class is of a slow flow nature with a focus on calming and slowing down the nervous system with yin yoga to start. We then move into a more yang dynamic practice to challange and energise the body in a light and uplifting environment.



Ballates Barre workshops coming soon!!!


Mother and Baby workshop coming in September!

If you would like Ballates barre/yoga or pilates in the workplace please contact me to arrange a morning, lunchtime or evening class.

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